Our lab is actively looking for M.S. and Ph.D. students

We always welcome students from diverse disciplines and scientific background. In particular, we are interested in students with fluid mechanics, turbulence, and non-linear physics background. 

If you are interested in joining us for an M.S. or Ph.D., please email me at [lei.fang-at-pitt.edu] with the subject line “Prospective Pitt graduate student,” and include a CV and a brief description of prior research and your research interests.

Application Deadlines: Fall Term - March 1; Spring Term - October 15

Helpful links: SSOE Graduate Admission, CEE Graduate Admission

We also welcome undergraduate students to join our lab

We also welcome undergraduate students who are willing to do short/long-term research projects. For interested students, please email me at [lei.fang-at-pitt.edu] with the subject line “Prospective Pitt undergraduate student”. Please use a paragraph to describe your scientific background. 


Lei Fang

3700 O'Hara Street, Benedum Hall of Engineering, Room 706,

Pittsburgh, PA 15261
​Tel: 412-624-8618

Open Positions:

I am currently looking for Ph.D. students. 

Please email me with your updated CV for more information.


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